The Great Snowball fight: an ancient tradition

Since 2013, APAZAF has been organising the Great Snowball Fight at the Menegazzi Bivouac, a glorious tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

To give you an idea of what it feels like from the inside, here are some pictures from past editions.

They say about us

Below you will also find an interview of two GBPN fans, whom we shall denote by John Doe and Valanga90. May their insight enlighten you!

How many editions of the GBPN have you attended?

JD: Three, I think. Dunno.
V90: At least two, more likely three, maybe four? Every time when we find ourselves on the battleground it seems like no time has passed and we are still facing our sworn allies on one side and enemies on the other, ready to fight to the last snowball!

Have you won more or lost more?

JD: Lost more, but honourably.
V90: Hard to say. I won some matches, but last time I was off my game and the snow was high and compact!

Were you well equipped?

JD: Yes, I had good teachers.
V90: Snowshoes, warm gloves and a shield frisbee (shisbee?).

How did you find the way up? And the way down?

JD: Up, following the group. Down, I just went where my sled carried me.
V90: The way up is a crucial moment to study the opponents. The way down is even more pleasant, especially on a sleeeeed.

How would you describe your fighting style?

JD: Haphazardly, or buried in snow to my armpits wearing a white hat.
V90: What? Is my pseudonym not clear enough?

How was the food?

JD: Much.
V90: Excellent! And always better with every new edition, especially thanks to the great effort of the organisers and of all other participants who contribute of their own initiative with a cake or a thermos bottle of mulled wine (just to give you some suggestions).

How important is strategy? And tactics?

JD: It isn’t, since the best plan only survives until contact with the enemy.
V90: Ha! You wish I would reveal my secrets? Every detail counts! For strategy I recommend a thorough reading of “De Bello Sphaerarum Nivis”, and for tactics Snow Tzu’s “Art of war”.

What do we do if there is no snow?

JD: Slackline!
V90: First a good walk and then we end up eating meatballs.

What do we do if there is too much snow?

JD: We bring snorkels.
V90: Snow is never too much! Worst case we play on a smaller ground (and we still end up eating meatballs).

Will you be there this year?

JD: Yes.
V90: Of course!

Have you read the rules?

JD: Yes, uhm.
V90: But of course! The rules contain all the best secrets for a good battle.

What makes you fight on when all seems lost?

JD: Thinking of the sugar tea waiting at the end.
V90: Thinking of the evening’s meatballs!