Snow update!

Snow is a bit powdery, but it's enough... and the Bivouac looks awesome!

The Battle is CONFIRMED!

Be there on Saturday, 7th of January 2023!

Snow Update 3

On January 2, a representative of APAZAF did a second reconnaissance visit to the Location. Here is what they determined: There is snow. The snow consists of: cold powdery snow, impossible to press into snowballs, covered by a relatively soft layer (containing some ice) which can support people weighing as much as 60 kg. Overall 40 to 70 cm thickness. The top layer is convenient to use by breaking it down and throwing the pieces as snowballs, and is not so hard as to hurt.

Snow Update 2

Dear snowballers, as planned, a representative of APAZAF went on an exploratory mission at the battle site. The news are good: we have about 15cm of fresh snow (from 1300m upwards) resting on a solid 50-60cm of old, wet snow (1600m and upwards). Both the path and the road to the bivouac are mostly free of fallen trees and are easy to follow, thanks also to the limited amount of snow up to the 1600m mark.

Snow Update! We are rolling!

Dear snowballers, good news! The weather has been terrible around Belluno in the last few days: lots of rain and a couple of very cold days and frosty nights. Luckily for us, we are wise and can rejoice even in these dire circumstances, as this means that snow is already falling on the mountains and in vast amounts. We have no direct information on the amount of snow at the Menegazzi bivouac, but: