The Battle is CONFIRMED!

Be there on Saturday, 7th of January 2023!

APAZAF is happy to announce that, after an intense reconnaissance session, which included real-world combat simulations, the Great Snowball Fight is CONFIRMED for Saturday, 7th of January 2023!

The snow is not fresh, but it’s good enough for some epic snow fighting to the last crystal!

Don’t miss it, invite your friends (and enemies, so that you can hit them with snowballs), and don’t forget to register, so that the organisation of provisions can occur smoothly. See the details page for all the necessary information.

Below you’ll find a video and some pictures taken during yesterday’s reconnaissance.

Correct preparation for evasive maneuvers Evasive maneuver of type 7/b Hit! You’re dead!

Snowball fight organiser

My research interests are limited to snowballs