The 2023 Battle was a complete success!

Thank you to all the participants!

The Great Snowball Fight 2023 took place on the 7th of January, and it was a blast! In particular:

  • we had fun,
  • we ate many beans,
  • no non-regulatory avalanches swept the field,
  • dodos were not insulted in any way,
  • no finkling whatsoever took any place at all,
  • nobody boiled goats in their mother’s milk, thus keeping the tissue of spacetime safe and sound.

Thank you to all participants!

Some pictures from this edition can be found here.

Suggestions and feedback

Was there something you didn’t like? Any ideas on how the event could become even more epic?

Any feedback is welcome, even the smallest, regarding location, gameplay, website, food, organisation… even the Rulebook!

You can contact us via this webpage.

We hope to see you at the 2024 Battle!

Snowball fight organiser

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